Furniture Care Tips

Furniture CareFurniture is one of those significant investments that people make to make their house a home. The total cost of furniture in a home can reach the tens of thousands of dollars! With some proper care and attention, you can ensure your furniture is looking its best for years.




Humidity - Most homes have either radiant heating or central forced air heating. Ontario winters are relatively dry and summers humid. Having good climate control can help minimize expansion and contraction in wood from season to season extending the life of the finish on furniture. Keeping furniture away from vents and radiators where possible will also prevent localized drying of the wood which may cause splits or cracks.


Sunlight – Rotating furniture throughout the room can help limit or even out sun exposure to furniture. UV light will cause finishes to fade over time. Having a big fruit bowl on the dining table in the same location may cause the finish to fade around the bowl leaving a darker spot on the table.




Basic furniture care requires periodic cleaning/dusting. Frequent cleaning of furniture that has a film finish (lacquer, shellac etc.) can be performed using a solution of water and vinegar (see below for formula) sprayed onto a lint free cloth. Do not spray directly onto the furniture. On a less frequent basis, a commercially available liquid furniture polish can be utilized if desired.


Use of aerosol furniture polishes is not recommended as they tend to build up a film over time and some of the chemicals can penetrate down through the finish to contaminate the wood that can cause problems for when you eventually need to refinish your furniture.


Always dampen a clean, lint free cloth before wiping down furniture to avoid micro scratching the surface.


For oiled furniture, a more traditional furniture care approach may be desired. Beeswax or furniture paste wax can be used to help protect the exposed against spills. Although, care must be taken to clean up spills promptly. Wax will not endure a spill if left unattended.


Always clean furniture wiping with the grain of the wood.


Basic Cleaning Solution


  • 1 Part White Vinegar + 3 Parts water
  • Combine into spray bottle
  • Spray onto a clean lint free cloth to apply.


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Furniture Care Tips