Now Available! Bald’s Original Furniture Balm

Bald's Original Furniture & Leather Balm

Bald’s Original Furniture & Leather Balm

We are pleased to announce that we are now a proud distributor for Bald’s Original Furniture Balm and Bald’s Original Leather Balm!


Bald’s Original Furniture Balm has been created by Mark Bond who has worked with restoring furniture for over 30 years. A specially developed formula using natural products, it has been used for many years by leading restorers. It is now available to any who want to preserve and maintain their fine furniture.


There are 2 formulas available. One for dark woods like Rosewood, Mahogany, Cherry, etc. The other is for light wood like teak, maple, pine, oak, etc.


Bald’s Original Leather Balm is a clean and feed formula designed to enhance and protect leather by helping to minimize scratches and abrasions, restore the original appearance while leaving it soft and supple.


If you have antiques that are in need of extra special care, give us a call or drop in for a demonstration or to pick up a bottle today!