Protecting Furniture from Winter

thermostatFrom Winter? It’s not like you keep your furniture out in the snow and cold! However, with the colder weather, we start to turn up the heat! Many heating systems including the forced air or radiant heat can take a toll on wood furniture. The heat source supplied, if not moderated by a humidifier can cause wood to dry out and checking – small cracks in the grain – can develop. This also cracks the finish which can allow spilled water into the wood itself causing further damage and potentially costly repairs!


Here are a 3 quick tips on how to protect your investment or heirloom pieces

  1. Humidity Control – Monitor and adjust your humidifier as temperatures fluctuate. Most humidifiers come with a guide on what to set it at depending on what the temperature is outside. Don’t turn it up too high or you could end up with condensation on your windows resulting in possible mould issues!
  2. Redirect air flow – Many experts recommend moving your furniture around so that it doesn’t get overexposed to the air flow or sun. However, we tend to like our furniture where it is! So, if you have a piece right next to a register, consider installing a device that will redirect the air flow away from the furniture piece or – in the case of radiators – install a heat reflector between the radiator and the furniture.
  3. Minimize Intake of Outdoor Air – It’s sometimes very tempting to air out the house when a warmer day comes along. Wood is most likely to check (crack) when the climate in your home suddenly changes from hot and humid to cold and dry. Frequent and sudden changes in humidity and temperature are especially bad.

Following these tips will help minimize the potential for premature aging and damage to the investment in your furniture caused by rapid fluctuations in environmental conditions.

Do you have furniture that has suffered damage from too much or too little moisture in the air? Give us an email to book a consultation on repairing the damage done by old man winter!

Look for more tips on furniture care in the future!